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Pre-Approval Letter: Get a Mortgage Preapproval | Point Mortgage Miami Florida


Know how much home you can afford before you start looking for house

As a Point Mortgage Client, You'll Know How Much You Can Spend on a Home, so You Won't Waste Your Time Looking at Homes Outside Your Price Range.

  • It's a bright financial move! Getting a loans PreApproval for a specific mortgage program is the right choice. We'll find out what you qualify for and what payment you're comfortable with after the pre-approval process. This can eliminate any unpleasant surprises before you close on your dream home.
  • Sellers know your offer is valid because your financing won't fall through and you've already been pre-approved.
  • You get negotiating power with a stronger offer, especially when competing with other buyers.
  • You get extra help from our Loan Experts with online guides, calculators, news articles and timely newsletters – personalized to help you understand exactly what's going on based on where you are in the home buying process.

Close Faster When You Have a Loan Pre-Approval

  • As a Point Mortgage client, you can close on your home in just weeks, rather than months. It's another advantage you'll have over other buyers, and takes much of the stress out of buying a home.
  • Even if you're not a first-time home buyer, the pre-approval process speeds your application through the process so that you can enjoy a smooth closing.
  • Already made an offer on a home? No problem! We can jump-start your closing and speed you into that new home. Get the peace of mind of knowing your loan will close with fewer surprises.

    *With a loan Pre-Approval; your mortgage will close subject to satisfactory title and appraisal, and your financial situation stays the same.