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Shopping for the perfect condo? Point Mortgage has a condo mortgage that is right for you.                

Many people enjoy owning a Florida condominium rather having a house or renting an apartment. Reduced maintenance, community amenities or a popular vacation destination are just some of the benefits of condo living. With our Minimum Down Payment requirement, PMC makes obtaining a condo mortgage easier than ever before.

       • Smaller floor plans available for those who don’t need a lot of space

       • Desirable city location or popular vacation destination

       • More reasonable price compared to single family home

       • Community amenities such as pool and fitness center

       • Reduced maintenance

Point Mortgage can do a full condo association review and many times get the condo unit approved! If the Condo doesn't qualify for a full review, the project may qualify for a limited review.

What's A Limited Review?

A Limited Review is much easier to get approved because there are;

 Fannie Mae Limited Review Condo Financing Requirements

 We offer Financing for the entire state of Florida and the following cities:

        Miami Beach Condo Loans, Boca Raton Condo Loans, Ft. Lauderdale Condo financing,

        Naples Condominium and Condo Loan, Mortgages  on Condos in Aventura,  Mortgages on Miami Condominiums